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Charge of the Goddess. Gerald Gardner.

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Meet a Milwaukee witch - meaning a woman who practices Wicca - and find out what it really means to have this label. Warts not necessary.

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It's pretty much like a regular party, except at some point the group might hands around a fire and say a few things or we write down our wishes for the time and burn them in a small fire.

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During the full moon, it is a strong and intense energy time so you should be cautious, meditate, focus on witch health and have fun! The mundane rules should also be obvious to anyone with a trace of manners and common sense. Yes, we cast spells for special occasions, protections, prosperity, to get a new job, to attract love, etc.

Gerald Gardner. Have a lot of indoor chats. The Spring Equinox, Marchcelebrates Eostre meaning rebirth, and that the days and nights are equal. Once upon a time, a magician would wave a magick wand and command earthbound spirits to do his bidding. Black magic has malicious intent. This magic usually works faster than witch or green magic, but the consequences are far worse.

Tis the season of the green-faced, wart-sprouting, cauldron-stirring witch. Write 3 questions or requests you want to ask of the spirits. Bronze Age Cache Discovered in Sweden. Witches go to cemeteries to cast spells for love, money, healing, and success, as well as the darker workings like binding and revenge spells. I am no longer a member of the coven, but I have carried chat me some beautiful practices from that time in my life, such as the only "rule" of Wicca which I strive for every day: "Harm none, do what you will.

Witchcraft is a contemporary Pagan religion and witchcraft with a lowercase w means folk magic. On the other hand, anything offered in love and trust is unlikely to offend.

For example, I find that people are hetrong during an Aries moon, emotional during a Pisces moon, picky and perfectionist on a Virgo moon, active and conversational during a Gemini chat, etc. X Halloween Hold my broom: Here's real talk from a "real" witch Meet a Milwaukee witch - meaning a woman who practices Wicca - and find out what it really means to have this label.

For instance, if you need someone to leave you alone, to stop calling you or something, you can put their picture in the freezer and this will make them stop trying to contact you. Listen Harder I can share one helpful tip for embarking on a cemetery working: Every graveyard has a guardian. Nikie Grey. Developing a relationship with the guardian s is one of the best things you can do for your graveyard magick.

I still carry out certain rites and rituals, in a limited capacity, when possible but mostly have been house-bound for the past four years. They might even try to read you some vampire poetry. If you have a protective amulet or protection ritual, now is a great time to dust it off. Most likely, you will just find that the gates of magick are closed to you there while you are there. But guardians are real enough and powerful. Tradition has it that the guardian is the spirit of the first person buried in the cemetery, who is chat to stay behind and watch over it. No, absolutely not.

Good News in History, May 2. These days, most Witches think of discarnate beings as collaborators, sentient folks with independent wills that should be respected. Your Sigil. To do that, we sprinkle salt around the circle, and say, "We witch a circle of salt to keep all the good within and all the bad without.

This rule probably gets broken the most. What you can do is make spells to improve your health or fitness by shoring up your personal commitment to exercise, or eating a healthy diet. Smelling roses when there are none around is a that a benevolent spirit is nearby. Some offerings will be more appropriate than others.

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Your instincts will guide you toward the right time and place to perform your working. Site activity.

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James jaypiano. Hello everyone, and blessings upon you all. She is everywhere in October: on television and decorations, in advertisements, on that hand towel you got from the Dollar Store. LOL Due to my illness, most hobbies and interests have been curtailed or brought to a complete halt.

Not cool. What mental faculties I still possess, I am willing to share or discuss with others should they need help. Happy exploring! Latest Grovy People Wulfiana4. We worship both gods and goddesses. Take in some of the energy of the place in exchange.

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I acknowledge the goddess Diana one of the moon goddesses and ask to be rejuvenated by her essence. I use the names of gods and goddesses in my worship as a representation of this one Great Spirit. You can follow books or make up your own spells, but the most important thing is to have good intent. As a city person, how do you incorporate nature into your life? Cemetery owners and neighbors will call the police if they catch you there at night.

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Because witches were persecuted in history, we have been secretive about our religion and until the '50s, very little was written down about it. I camp. Why are brooms associated with witches? Open flames and glass may also be prohibited for safety reasons.

You can do a ritual anywhere, you just need to create a sacred circle. Help for a spell? SheepCarer has passed a test, ' Are you a Witch? You may see movement or light. I specialize in general, as well as, personally hand-crafted charms, tokens, talismans, amulets, and runes Elder Norse Futhark.

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Also, the new moon is a time for renewal spells: starting new projects, planting seeds and starting over. Leaving coins on a grave is a token of respect. In my experience, this has been true without exception. I feel like I'm living everyday for a purpose. As the moon gets closer to full, it is considered "waxing. If you behave like an ass chat your actions or your intentions, you might or might not suffer some unpleasant consequences.

Many witches, however, are not in a coven and they worship alone. In fact, most witches do not even believe that such a character exists. Witchcraft is a sacred practice and needs to be treated as such. What witches do witches celebrate? Open-feeling, peaceful cemeteries have guardians that welcome visitors. Wulfiana4 has passed a test, ' Are you a Witch?

Caretakers may not be able to tell the difference between the itinerant Witch and the ordinary vandal or may not care. Crossing Another Rubicon in Russia. I first sat down with Luna 12 years ago to ask her the following questions, and recently posed them to her again.

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Nothing comes for free and things have consequences. They may be senior human spirits, Gods or emissaries of Death, psychopomp Fae, genii locirandom thoughtforms assembled from the social norms of visitors, all of the above or something else.